Sinochem to Start Trial Production of High-energy-density Lithium Batteries


Published by: Shanghai Metals Market News

Date: 2019-11-29

Source: https://news.metal.com/newscontent/100998453/sinochem-to-start-trial-production-of-high-energy-density-lithium-batteries/

Sinochem International, a state-owned company mainly engaged in the chemical business, said on November 26 that a lithium-ion battery project under its Junsheng New Materials unit is about to start trial production. 

The pilot run involves mass production of battery cells with an energy density of 260-270 wh/kg. 

The subsidiary is looking to develop lithium-ion power batteries with higher energy density and capacity, as well as longer cycling lifespan and better safety performance.

Full operation of the project will add battery capacity of 8 million kWh, being able to meet demand from more than 100,000 electric vehicles. 

Currently, the mainstream ternary batteries in China are NCM523, with an energy density of 180-220wh/kg. 


(Shanghai Metals Market News)

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